Diversity is a fact, but inclusion is a choice we make every day. Each day we make efforts to prioritize diversity, equity, inclusion, and belonging in our community spaces and programs. We dream of bringing people from all different backgrounds together, including people of different races, genders, religious beliefs, sexual orientation, visible and invisible disabilities, class, or status.

Inclusion in Numbers

We were able to give 100% scholarship to 47% percentage of the participants of 2022 Summer edition of School for Social Transformation. In 2021, the percentage of girl participation was 35%, this year it is 68%. 


Financial Contribution

Ignite India incurs a significant financial cost in each participant who comes for School For Social Transformation which includes costs of Facilitation,  Program Design, Food, Accommodation, Transport, Material & Logistics, Mentoring etc.

The actual program FEE of one participant is Rs. 23,500. The participants are encouraged to contribute as per their heart and financial situation. The ones who are capable of contributing on the higher side are encouraged to do so, as we also wish to accommodate a few individuals who are not in a position to contribute financially.  While the legitimacy for this form of experiential education is still building up in our country, we invite you to look at it as an investment in your own learning and leadership and enable your parents to treat it the same way. Also, you could fundraise the amount required for the program within your community and our team will help you for the same

Level of Scholarships

Once you are selected for the program, we ask you to fill the scholarship form. Depending upon your quality of application and our inclusion policy, we will let you know which scholarship level awarded to you.


*The Objective of the Level A to include participants from excluded communities, which would be applicable for candidates who are from Differently abled communities, from LGBTQ communities or from Socially and geographical excluded regions in India.

**Number of Scholarships available depends on the support we get from our donors, enablers and sponsors