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Design Lab
on Global Citizenship Education

D.Lab is a 4 Day, Fully funded workshop that bring together 15 youth from  to work for a just, peaceful and Sustainable society. In those four days, you will get an opportunity to work with passionate individuals to co-learn, collaborate to co-create awareness materials in local language on Global Citizenship and Sustainable Development.

Why D-LAB?

Can we change the World?  Yes. We can change the world when people, especially young people, say out loud that we are one and turn their face from all the forces that try to divide us. That's where Global Citizenship come into the picture. Global citizenship is the idea that one's identity transcends geography or political borders, and that responsibilities or rights are derived from membership in a broader class: “Humanity”. 

One individual or one country could not solve global challenges. We need to work together. The achievement of the Global and local developmental agenda starts from being an active global citizen and tackling issues together. Global Citizenship Education (GCED) is a sense of belongingness to the global community and common humanity for a just, peaceful and sustainable world. A Global citizen is someone who thinks the world belongs to everybody and acts like that. And GCED equips learners with competencies to engage and assume active roles both locally and globally. “Global Citizenship Mindset” is really important in this world.

We need to think about how many schools, colleges, and our textbooks discuss Global citizenship. Not having resources of GCED and Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)  in Malayalam language can be considered as one of the reasons for the lack of knowledge and understanding.

Fifteen participants will be invited to attend fully funded D-Lab. Together they will co-create resources for promoting GCED in Malayalam language, which would be later published in an open platform for people from Kerala to access it to create ripple waves of change.

Who Can Apply?

  • Passionate youngster within the age of 18 and 28 years

  • Basic vocabulary skill in English language

  • Ability to work in a team

  • Ready to invest time for the Online and Offline engagements during the given time period

Note: Applicants who are having prior knowledge on Global Citizenship Education or learning experience from GCED Online Campus will be given a precedency during the application process.

Travel and Accommodation

  • Food, stay and all other mandatory requirements during the program will be provided.

  • Participants will have to reach the venue by Day 0 night or early morning on Day 1.

  • Pick and drop facility will be available at the nearest railway station on specific timing

  • Phase 1: Online

    • Understanding GCED: Online Learning Workshop

  • Phase 2: Self Learning at Home

    •  Active learning and Assessment

  • Phase 3: Offline

    • Design Lab on GCED

  • Phase 4: Offline Workshops

    • GCED Workshops for School Students in Kerala

Components of D. Lab

Watch to Learn More

If you would like to talk to the team to know more, Feel free to reach out to us
via Email at or WhatsApp us on +91-8075021123

Stay tuned for the next edition of Design Lab on Global Citizenship Education

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