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Nurturing Leaders and Change makers

We offer transformative learning opportunities for people, communities, institutions, and businesses.

We work to foster and develop increased learning and development opportunities for young people by encouraging and supporting them to contribute, steer initiatives, and lead youth-led projects

About Us

Who we are

Ignite India' is a social enterprise started in 2016 in Kerala, and has operations across India. We are into personal and organizational capacity development and training, helping people and collectives to achieve meaningful success. Till now, we have completed more than 1800+ learning programs across 11 states in India. 

What we do

We help develop the capacity of people to build on their skills and aptitudes for their personal growth and long-term success and progress of the community they belong to.  We focus on Personal Transformation, Corporate Training, Leadership, Wellbeing, Team Building, Capacity Development and Leadership Journeys. 

Our Philosophy

We place ‘People Development’ as the core of Leadership Development and, with strong conviction that the social capital creation and social change, is a natural product of empowering its human potential. We advocate the creation of inclusive and non-judgmental learning spaces for transforming people, communities and organizations. 

Our Values


We believe in the extensive possibilities of co-creation


Alone we can do so little; together we can do so much


Compassion is a viewpoint, a way of life, a perspective, a habit 


We are all creative individuals no matter who we are or what we do

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Our Achievements

Upcoming Programs

Global Citizenship Education Initiative

February to December 2024

Winter School for Social Transformation

21st to 29th December 2024

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Transform people and Organization

Are you looking for support to co-create & facilitate Leadership and Transformative experiences for the folks in your Organization?

​We've worked with

and other 300+ organizations
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