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School for Social

A Journey of Self Discovery

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Together with 15 to 25 ardent change-makers from all around India, School For Transformation by Ignite India offers an engaging 9-day leadership programme through a rural immersion journey. This voyage gives you the chance to interact with social and developmental concerns, learn about diverse cultures, embrace sustainable living, and make a meaningful contribution to your community while also enhancing your career and personal development. Participants emerge from the programme as more knowledgeable, engaged, and open-minded citizens.

We also bring workshops, discussion, and activities during these 9 days that are meant to explore empathy, embark on a journey within, and cultivate a sense of service.

Starting point of becoming an Active Citizen

Every finish is a fresh start, as we often remark. You will have the necessary skills at the end of program to begin your career as an active citizen.

9 days of celebration and happiness

The curriculum of program is set up so that we never miss an opportunity to smile and acknowledge each day's small gains in knowledge.

A space for co-learning, co-creation and collaboration

You will have the opportunity to co-design projects with other participants who share your interests because we think that change is more of a group effort with individual contributions.

An immersion journey to different parts of the nation

This is your chance to experience India like never before and to contribute to change.

To make friends for a lifetime

By getting to know and connecting with other individuals from various socio-cultural backgrounds, you can expand your personal and professional network.

Life begins at the end point of your comfort zone

The program offers a safe and non-judgemental learning space for you to challenge and overcome your fears

Process of the Program

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Days 1-3


A community of trust is formed as participants join together.
In the early stages of formation, the team's main task is to respond to a large number of inquiries from members who are eager to learn more about the new group and their duties. From this amazing space, the magic begins.

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Days 2-3


The team develops clear structures, objectives, guidelines, and duties during this phase so that participants can start to develop a sense of trust. Participants are also testing the team's ability to deal with disagreements and conflict throughout this stage.

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Days 4-8


The members begin actively trying to address issues and promote group cohesion during the engaging stage. Team members may communicate more frequently and meaningfully as well as be more inclined to share ideas and solicit assistance from one another.

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Day 9

Reflection and Celebration

The group may agree that this is the right time to assess their working methods and productivity. Participants in this stage are aware of their own (and each other's) strengths and limitations and exchange insights into personal and group processes. This will also be the moment to reflect on the trip so far and to celebrate it.

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Day 9-ahead

Action at Home

Some journeys never end, thus the participants now return to their communities, where they start their journey from being only self to becoming contributing citizens of society. They will demonstrate to the rest of the world that change may occur through us as well as for us. They are responsible for driving the change.

Program Details



From 29th March to 6th April 2024



Niveditha Nilayam, Wardha, Maharashtra

Floating Objects


Gender and Equality

Environmental Conservation and 


  • Ages 18 to 27 may enrol in this leadership programme. All applicants, regardless of age, will be given due consideration on a case-by-case basis. 

  • ​There are no requirements for school or work experience to apply for the programme. 

  • The applicant must be dedicated to taking an active part in the learning and engagement process and must do it honestly, reflectively, and with inspiration from within.

Travel & Accommodation

  • We will take care of your meals, lodging, and all other necessary programme necessities. 

  • Participants must arrive at the location by Day 0's evening or Day 1's early morning. 

FINANCIAL contributionS

Our community is built on diversity, equity, and inclusion. We actively bring together people from different backgrounds, regardless of their race, gender, beliefs, abilities, or status. Organizing the School For Social Transformation involves various costs, but we understand that each participant's capacity to contribute may vary. We believe that everyone can contribute in their unique way, whether financially or through their abilities and talents. Your involvement, financial or otherwise, adds value to the entire community. Click the link below to read more about the Contribution and to know more about the Scholarships.

Glimpses of Previous Editions

Glimpses in numbers


7% representation from LGBTQA+ Community. 52% Women representation


More than 10 projects designed and participants have been engaged actively in creating a more sustainable world


of participants supported with 100% scholarship. 37% of participants supported with 70% Scholarship


More than 50% representation from minorities and marginalized communities


17_12_2021, 12_41_59 am.jpg

Anita Rathod (She/Her)

Pursuing Integrated MS at Indian Institute of Science Education and Research (IISER), Pune

I loved the whole program, especially how it has conducted. I was very calm throughout the Winter School. Furthermore, I was not disturbed and very focused throughout the program.

Looking forward, I can definitely say that Winter School may become a new turning point in my life. I express my gratitude to each and every one.


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The upcoming Edition of School for Social Transformation will be held in Kerala, from 21st to 29th December 2023.

Contact us by phone/whatsapp at +91-7698443039, +91-8075021123, or email at to learn more about the programme and for any other questions.

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