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The soul of the country is in the villages

Social transformation through various real exposure is a track through which summer school moulds out an individual.

Photo taken by: basithabdulkk

We are here a 3000s of kilometres away from home town, at another part of same country which turns out to be a situation we never imagined to this intensity. Sympathy doesn't play much role, and saw this people so satisfied with the limited facilities and underdeveloped living conditions they have. May be because they never know how does a more secure life looks like. Or May be that's the limitations only when we see that through our perspective.

Being content to things they have is something we had to reflect up on ourselves. Even though we are privileged with many things in life, still keeps running behind conquering more and more without living in what we have and on the other hand souls in village being at best version of their life with what ever they have.

Summer school social transformation is taking us to a root levels of two innermost rural village of rajasthan ,Kotri & Nosal to make the participant experience things to a root level. As Gandhi said, "The soul of the country is in the villages" this village had so much to reflect on ourselves. Their dignity is expressed through the way they treat their guest and stunning everyone with their love and warmth using their maximum efforts.


Life is being viewed through a different sense by the participant after stepping in to the transformational journey which is being hosted by Manthan an organization which is setting up a model and platform for the growth of the village.

The opportunity to explore the ethnic part of village life was something which we shall stay gratefull to @teamigniteindia
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