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Suhaira Sakkeer

Communications & Program Support

Hey folks, I'm Suhaira Sakkeer hailing from Kozhikode. Currently a 3rd year mbbs student in KMCT MEDICAL COLLEGE, Manassery.Apart from being a medical student, i just wanted to be a social human being. It's easier to learn from printed out books by heart, but that will be purely meaningless. I just don't want to limit my education within books, i want to persue it through a social life. It's lot more memorable and worth when you came to know that someone is greatful for you. That happiness in their eyes can't be replaced by any salary offered by multinational companies. So basically I'm here to explore and to be among one of my social inmates

Super Powers

  • Good listener

  • Motivational support

  • Have a good level of patience

Suhaira Sakkeer
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