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Asif Ali V M

Wellness Lead

I would like to introduce myself as a Social worker, Educator, Facilitator, Global citizen, and Travaller.

I'm a strong believer of healthy conversations and dialogues which brings human connections. Passionate about serving the humanity.

I have been in the filed of Volunteering for the last 12 years, travalled across the country and worked and volunteered with multiple NGOs and Individuals. I believe volunteering is a tool bring change in the society and it also helps us to find our passion and purpose in life.

I would love to bring out the best in people and love to help them find happiness and joy in their life.

My major area of work is education, community development and youth empowerment.

I'm a former gandhi fellow and former International Citizen Service Volunteer. I'm social volunteer award winner 2020. I was one of 50 Youth Leaders selected for the 7th Youth Leadership Workshop 2021 facilitated by Asia-Pacific center of education for International Understanding.

Asif Ali V M
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