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Hridya Syamala Jayaram

M&E Lead

Accomplished social impact leader with a diverse portfolio of successful projects and a commitment to driving positive change. LinkedIn - As a Program Manager for the Chief Minister's Youth Center project in Meghalaya, I led the establishment of 20 community spaces where individuals of all ages, genders, castes, and religions can come to learn anything they wanted to. Additionally, as a Project Manager at Manthan Sanstha, I designed and implemented various initiatives, including the SMILE Exchange program, the Eureka project, Gullak Project, and more to promote education, financial inclusion, and sustainable development.

My experience also includes serving as Regional Coordinator for Kerala at Tru Indian Civil Society, I coordinated remedial classes and tuitions for children of various shelter homes and orphanages in Cochin and launched the Project - Coffee on the Wall, providing free food coupons for the needy. 

I have also worked as a freelancer with several NGOs, helping them with designing different projects, implementation, and impact assessment. 

Additionally, I was offered a placement at Goldman Sachs, where I completed my internship, and admission at Harvard University for implementing public policy. I also did a student exchange program at Juniata College, Pennsylvania.

Hridya Syamala Jayaram
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